Velda: A Mom’s Story of Suicide (2024)

In the poignant and thought-provoking short film, a distressed mother, Velda, takes center stage as she recounts the tragic tale of her son, Michael, who battles inner demons after being sent to war. As she navigates through the gut-wrenching chronology of his enlistment on the eve of 9/11, his traumatizing experiences in combat, and his futile attempts at readjustment after returning home, the narrative unravels to reveal the silent and insidious toll of war on the mental health of soldiers. Compelled by her son’s devastating suicide, Velda transforms her grief into a call for action, articulating her concerns about the military’s approach to mental health issues in a letter to the president. This heart-rending short film underscores the often overlooked consequences of war, giving voice to those left in its devastating wake.

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Genre: DocumentaryShort

Director: Jesse Collier Sutterley

Actors: Velda Dobson Davis


Runtime: 11